David Nilsson & The Bon Vivants


David Nilsson & The Bon Vivants have a growing audience and a YouTube channel with over 12 million views and more than 30,000 subscribers. Singer David Nilsson has received praise from great artists such as Meat Loaf for his unique voice. The band has collaborated with the legend Neil Sedaka and the Swedish rock queen Eva Eastwood.


In 2020, the band began releasing own original songs. They have recently released 6 new singles and the response has been very good. Right now they are played on several radio channels in Sweden and England, including P4 Väst.


On stage, the band offers a mix of their own material and interpretations of famous rock and pop classics. The band consists of singer David Nilsson and guitarists Mattias Timan, Jesper Madsen.
The band collaborates with some of Sweden’s most established freelance musicians and offers a seven piece band if desired.

What’s to come?

David Nilsson & The Bon Vivants are now touring with their new live show ‘Legends Never Die’ while at the same time are working on new music which is planned to be released during 2023.

"I am delighted with David Nilsson's performance of 'Waiting', a song that I consider to be one of my 'forgotten children'. When I first heard David's voice, I found it very reminiscent of the great Roy Orbison. He's done a very good job with the song and I'm confident that he will find great success in his future musical endeavors."
Neil Sedaka
"Loved David Nilsson, best thing I've heard for ages."
Johnnie Walker, BBC Radio 2
"It was really very, very, good. I should tell you they have all these tribute bands. None of those singers can touch you on 2 out of 3."
Meat Loaf